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Micro-Star International Co. Ltd is a Taiwanese information technology company which manufactures and provide services for computer hardware and other related products. The company designs products like desktops, laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, servers, All-in-One PCs, car infotainment products, etc. MSI has an acclaimed reputation in the development of advanced technology.

For any laptops or computers, motherboards are one of the priciest components and if it fails, your system will cease to run. They are the most difficult pieces of hardware to troubleshoot as they fail to provide any notice to warn you. You have to rule out every piece of connected hardware to fix the issues with the motherboard.

Facing issues with the power button connection in your MSI laptop’s motherboard?

The power button on the computer’s case is connected to the motherboard through a small two-pin wire that is labelled with plus and minus symbols. To line these plug ups to the motherboard is a difficult task as the texts are printed so small that it’s impossible to recognize the text without using a microscope. Secondly, you need to follow the motherboard’s manual to align the pins with the connection correctly. But you need not worry. We are just a call away. Just dial us and we will help you out.

Is your MSI PC’s motherboard stop working all at a sudden?

It might be that your PC’s motherboard had experienced a short circuit while booting process or while completing the POST. Usually the motherboard consists of capacitors and soldered connections so if there is any fault in it will start behaving erratically and might crash anytime. To avoid such crashes, you should examine your motherboard when it is installed. Make sure that all the internal wires have been shielded properly with a plastic or rubber exterior and verify that no unsupported portions have bent towards the case’s interior.

Are you receiving Blue Screen errors in your MSI laptops?

If you receive blue screen errors very often, there can be a problem with the RAM of your device. For solving this error, you need to isolate your system with the power supply, clean the RAM copper connectors and RAM slots with dry clean cloth, blow air into the connectors and then re-insert the RAM properly in the slots. If the problem persists, avail our MSI Technical Support Services.

We provide following services to our clients to resolve motherboard issues:

  • Deals with all installation and configuration issues of the motherboard
  • Solve the itching fan sound problems of the processor
  • Clean the RAM connectors and locate it rightly on RAM slots
  • Replace the system battery of the motherboard, if there is a weak battery
  • Replace graphics card if it is not working
  • Repair all other hardware problems of the motherboard.

Reach us for live tech support: MSI Support & Repair Service

We are available 24×7 to help our customers, so they can simply connect with us by dialing our toll-free MSI Technical Support number. You might even talk to our certified tech experts through online Live Interaction support and get best possible solutions to resolve all your queries. You can even drop a mail at our email address informing about the difficulties and avail remote support from us. We assure you that you will get 100% satisfaction by opting for our service.

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