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Graphics or video cards drivers serve as an interpreter between the Graphics card and the Windows operating system. These drivers permit Windows to communicate with the Video and Graphics card installed on the computer. In personal computers, Graphics card failure is a very common problem and it often occurs because the board develops hairline cracks. A failing graphics card is identified by various symptoms like unusual shapes or jagged lines on the screen or blank screen, etc.

Did you fail to replace the built-in video card on the motherboard with an add-on AGP or PCI video card?

You should check the motherboard’s manufacturer to see the list of acceptable video cards. Then check the BIOS settings which will allow you to disable the onboard video. Verify your motherboard manual for a jumper that will allow you to switch between add-on and onboard video cards. If your Graphics card is PCI, try to add it to another slot and ensure that it is fully inserted. If the problem still persists, call us to avail our MSI Tech Support Services.

Display work only in DOS but not in Windows?

If your computer has an acceptable picture quality during booting process and also in DOS, but not in Windows, it means either you have an incorrect video driver or a corrupted video driver. To fix this issue you need to boot Windows into safe mode and install the proper driver. If the system still not restores or the picture is not displaying in Windows, take our assistance to solve your issues.

Apart from that, there are other difficulties such as problem with the installation of drivers; the driver is not configured properly, etc.

Some of the services that we offer to our clients are:

⦁    Help in replacing the built-in video cards with add-on AGP or PCI video cards

⦁    Troubleshoot the identification problem of the video card

⦁    Help in installing the video card vendor drivers rather than default Window drivers

⦁    Disable your sound system

⦁    Underclock your video card

⦁    Shutdown your AGP port

⦁    Check your power supply

⦁    Test your CPU and RAM

⦁    Uninstall old display driver and install the latest display driver

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