Find Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions about MSI Products

Are you looking for relevant information about MSI gaming laptops? In case you are confused regarding your decision to purchase MSI laptops, you have come to the right place. There are some common errors and queries that have troubled almost every MSI user at some point of time. A right presentation of FAQs will help you to clear up your doubts about device related issues and increase your overall knowledge about MSI. For the ease of our customers, we have categorized the selected questions and provided their answers below. If your query is not enlisted here, feel free to ask us directly.

Concerns regarding general use of laptops

  • What to do if the error message appears on the screen: “ the files native.bin and backup.bin do not exist”?

Find the latest installation file of True Color t MSI official website and reinstall the file.

  • Guidelines for downloading Instant Play Function in Dragon Gaming Center

Assign P1 short key or Fn+F4 key to designate PC game.

  • How to use battery calibration?

The name of the built in Battery software in MSI is called Battery Calibration. Before running the application keep the AC adapter plugged in. Calibration process will start itself once you click on the start button.

  • Check BiOS version in MSI laptop

First you have to open MSI Help desk; then click on “system info”; your BiOS and EC version will automatically display on the screen.

Motherboards oriented queries:

  • Why are the customized settings getting changed after restarting laptop?

Some settings are default in the laptop which cannot be changed permanently as per the system. They are dependent on BiOS setting which is also unchangeable.

  • Can the PC automatically turn on at the specified time given by us?

Yes, you need to enter BiOS to activate automatic Boot function. Click the following options with their sequence: Settings > Advanced wake up Event setup. Resume by RTC Alarm> Enable.

  • External keyboard and mouse not working in Windows 7 installation

Reboot your laptop or reinstall Windows if nothing else works out

  • How to check the LAN speed of the motherboard?

See the top right side of the LAN port. If the colour shows green then your connection speed is about 100 Mbps. If the light shows orange then the speed is 1 Gbps.

  • What happens if someone forgets BiOS password?

You can clear the BiOS password by clearing CMOS which will in turn, restore all the settings into the default form.

  • Unable to use external keyboard in DOS mode

Follow the steps in their sequence to activate the use of keyboards in DOS operating system: BiOS setup> Settings> USB configuration> Enable Legacy USB Support

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